It all started back in 2007 when we opened our first shop down at the beach in Hampton called The Secret Spot. We were the first to import organic Brazillian açai (ah-sigh-ee) to New England. We added it to our real fruit smoothies to help refuel the surfers after a session in the water. Surfers are athletes and it requires every muscle in the body to surf & swim. They needed the protein, vitamins & minerals to get their bodies nourished and back in the water; because when the surf is good, you have to get on it while it is good.

When you add the sun and heat to exercise, you get dehydrated and your body craves for something good and nutrient rich. The food available down at the beach was unhealthy and gave you the feeling of being bogged down which made you want to take a nap. We wanted to change that. We are former athletes, always on the search for the perfect wave & outdoorsman. We realized how important it was to put healthy food into our body to keep going all day. We needed to recover nutrients lost, quick, so we can get back to the water or the field. Using all natural ingredients like açai made it easy to make that happen.

We brought the power of açai along with other super fruits and proteins to UNH because we believe it will assist students with performance and recovery both on the field & in the classroom. The power of the açai berry has been known to boost energy levels and improve mental clarity/focus. It is a powerful antioxidant and helps clense/detoxify the body of infectious toxins. There are so many reasons why you should put good food into your body on a daily basis and açai is one of the best. The super fruits we import from the Amazon and South America will help you take your life to the next level. It has for us and we want to share it with you.


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please be advised that any of our products may contain allergens, including but not limited to: soy, yogurt, peanut butter and whey. before placing your order, please inform the staff if you have a food alergy. our granola is packaged in a facility that handles products that may contain gluten